bee balm
coral mushroom (edible)
feral pig, purslane, and wild mustard sauce
frozen passionfruit blackberry bites, by Kim Hendrickson

July: Sumptuous Summer

That beautiful season, the summer! Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light, and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.

H.W. Longfellow

Hot, sultry summer. If you’re not working in the garden or lounging in the water, let’s hope you’re in the woods! Each day brings us closer to Lammas, the start of the harvest quarter of the year. That’s where lambsquarter, this month’s special guest, gets its name.


This is the height of the dog days, when Sirius, the dog star, rises with the sun. Back in 1776, the dog days began on July 4th. Today, July is the national month for two all-American favorites: hot dogs (how appropriate) and ice cream. For a heated debate, how about we celebrate with one controversial immigrant, Asiatic wineberry, in homemade ice cream. We’ll all scream about that!


Dirty hands, iced tea, garden fragrances thick in the air and a blanket of color before me. Who could ask for more?

Bev Adams