Local Wild Medicinals


Asheville-based Red Moon Herbs is the oldest and largest herbal medicine company in the southeast focusing on fresh, wild, local ingredients. Here is a list of Red Moon's medicinals. Those that do not grow wild in the Asheville area are starred. Note that "wild" does not necessarily mean "native." Catnip and motherwort, for example, are naturalized but not native. For more information, see "Isn't this about native foods?" on our FAQ page.

Astragalus* Dandelion Motherwort Skullcap
Black Cohosh Echinacea* Nettle St. Johnswort
Black Walnut Elder Oatstraw* Usnea
Burdock Elecampane* Osha** Violet
Calendula* Goldenrod Pine Vitex*
Catnip Ground Ivy Plantain Wild Lettuce
Chickweed Hawthorn Poke Wormwood*
Cilantro* Jewelweed Poplar Bud* Yarrow
Cleavers Lemon Balm Red Clover Yellow Dock
Comfrey Liferoot Reishi  

**eastern Osha (Ligusticum Canadense) or Mountain Angelica can be used instead