Wild Mushrooms

A Taste of Enchantment

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An irreverent yet irrefutable guide to mushroom hunting by America's fav philosoforager, Alan Muskat. Its 42 illustrated pages address the most common misconceptions about mushrooms as well as many questions left unanswered by the top-selling mushroom ID books. Note that this is not an ID book: the only good "field guide" is one with two legs.

This edition is included with our full-length tours and is also available below. A 150-page second edition will be available Summer 2018.

"innovative, innervating, and informative"

Dr. James Duke, Author, The Green Pharmacy

"delightfully conveys the joy and enthusiasm of hunting wild mushrooms"

Leon Shernoff, Editor, Mushroom - The Journal

"very interesting… a great interpretation"

Dr. Tom Volk, Mycologist, TomVolkFungi.net

"friendly, thorough and entertaining... so much more than a field guide. Written in such a charming manner... accessible to a large range of people with different backgrounds. I love everything, including the illustrations. The best I've read yet."

Kimberley Cameron, Literary Agent

"wonderful material… very clever! I am mightily impressed."

Lisa Ekus, Literary Publicist

"brings a quick, constant humor and accessibility to a fascinating subject."

Michael Metivier, Editor, Chelsea Green Publishing